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Making Relationships Work

Whether at home, with friends or in the workplace, we can all use some guidance in how to communicate more effectively. A basic understanding of communications styles and relationship dynamics can dramatically change the way we interact and how we engage people in all facets of our lives.

While solid research on interpersonal dynamics in the workplace is only beginning to emerge, a recent article in the Harvard Business Review featuring the work of psychologist John M. Gottman, executive director of the Relationship Research Institute, shows that how we behave at work is closely related to how we behave at home. His research is based on studying married couples and his mathematical data analysis provides hard scientific evidence for what makes a good relationship.

Gottman emphasizes that successful couples look for ways to accentuate the positive: they try to say yes as often as possible. Even thriving relationships have room for conflict. Individuals embrace it as a way to work through essential personality differences. He also points out that good relationships aren’t just about clear communication—they’re about small moments of attachment and intimacy. Gottman provides great food for thought and how his research may apply to a variety of relationships.

No matter what stage of company or executive evolution you find yourself today, we can all benefit from a greater appreciation of how effective communications influence the value of relationships. If you would like a copy of the article, contact us or call 847-556-8873.


Building Thought Leadership with Decision Support Tools

Behavior changes, cost savings and lifestyle improvements are the goals the consumer healthcare movement aspires to achieve. With the movement’s evolution and consumers becoming more involved and responsible for their healthcare, an information transformation is underway. More, better and integrated decision support tools are needed to reach consumers in relevant and personalized ways to ultimately improve health.

Building on its established thought leadership reputation, Thomson Healthcare recently conducted a study on utilization, satisfaction and gaps with currently available decision support tools to provide further industry proof on how such communications resources support more informed healthcare decision making. As a provider of such resources, Thomson’s study, conducted with executives from large employers, health plans and government agencies, offered yet another opportunity for the company to interact with its customer base and establish credibility.

The findings reinforce the need for innovation and integration in offering consumer decision support tools (defined as information, tools, services and software programs that support healthcare planning and decision making). In fact, a large percentage of total respondents cite tool and technology integration – a common and frequent industry trend – as the top challenge organizations face in bringing these resources to consumers. Link here to access a copy of the report –

As you hone your strategies to meet market demands, understanding customer needs and trends is paramount to your success. If your organization or others you know could benefit from more strategic insights on healthcare, The Aerie Company can help you create the strategy + communications + leadership link that elevates performance. Contact us or call 847-556-8873.


What’s the best leadership style?

What leadership style begets the best results? West Penn Allegheny Health System in Pittsburgh will soon find out. The recent announcement of the system's new CEO, Dr. Christopher Olivia, came with mixed reviews. Described as "results oriented," "not shy," and "not humble," Olivia is known for his opinions and confidence (described as "overconfident" by some).

West Penn's former in-house counsel argues that the new CEO's ego will serve him well in physician relations where docs "are trained to be decisive." But how will he fare with non-physician staff?

What do you think? Are better leaders humble and open or opinionated and aggressive?


Diverse Perspectives

A diversity of voices and so many opportunities to learn certainly energizes life. The new ideas and perspectives from entirely different fields give us such a prism through which to view today’s situations and the future. Busy as we are managing our businesses, the people who make them tick and finding an overall life balance, an important priority for every executive should be to carve out time to find and listen for different voices. From the usual suspects – news organizations and business journals – to fiction and nonfiction, random conversations about world events and even friends and children, you’ll hear many interesting perspectives if you listen.

In a recent issue of the Harvard Business Review, the esteemed choreographer Twyla Tharp shared step by step insights about originality (as an artist surprisingly something she doesn’t worry about), change (a mainstay of her strategy never to get stuck), the need for failure to pursue excellence, the price of commitment and much more. Part wit, part inspiration, her comments have particular relevance for executives and businesses today – including some advice for to the likes of Steve Jobs.

Perhaps you or your organization are looking for ways to soar to new heights. The Aerie Company is here to help you take the next steps. If you would like a copy of the article “Creativity Step By Step” or any other information on how to elevate leadership performance, please contact us or call 847-556-8873.


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